What we need to heal comes from within ourselves and Mother Earth.

Together we can discover your power to balance body, mind and spirit in unity with Nature.

We invite you to begin your healing journey now.


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Reiki is a light, hands-on (or above) technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and facilitates a healing environment.  The method starts at the head, moves to the neck and shoulder area, then to the abdomen, and finally to the feet.  You, the client, are always fully clothed, and lay comfortably on a treatment table.

I believe all beings are comprised of energy.  When our energy is free-flowing, we are happy and healthy.  When our energy slows, stagnates, or stops, we experience symptoms, for example difficulty making decisions, headaches, or low-self esteem.  Reiki identifies where the energy imbalances lie and helps restore the positive, free-flowing energy while reducing the stuck, negative energy.

Reiki is a safe and natural technique that can be used in partnership with traditional medicine to facilitate well-being.

Reiki is not a religion, nor is it affiliated with any religion.

Reiki contributes to living a life of wholeness by addressing issues of the body, mind and spirit.


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Julie’s Story

Here is the short version, for a more detailed account go to Julie’s Journey.

About five years ago that I realized there was more to health than just my physical body. I worked with a life coach who helped heal my mind and spirit and create tools for living a purposeful life.  I discovered a love of all things spiritual, and wanted to learn as much as possible.  I became a certified Yoga Instructor and Holistic Coach, learned to meditate, and took a few workshops in Shamanism.  I realized that in order to live a thriving, whole life, I needed to be balanced in body, mind and spirit.

After years of focusing on the physical body, and several more years of intensive coaching, studying, and learning, it was time to marry my love of caring for the body with healing the mind and spirit and bring it to the world.  I decided Reiki was the answer.

I enjoy educating people about Reiki and how it can help them naturally, simply and drug-free (click Reiki for more info on treatment sessions).   It is vital that I empower my clients to take an active role in their healing, so I provide them with observations and recommendations to help them on their healing journey.

Recently I discovered there is more than one answer to caring for body, mind and spirit.  Connection to Nature is important to me, and has led me into the world of plants as medicine.  I fully believe that Mother Earth holds the keys to our healing, and has for many more years than the pharmaceutical world we are way too familiar with now.

It is my intention to share what I have learned to help people live a whole, thriving life, naturally.  In addition to Reiki, this has manifested in two ways:

  • I created Wellness Products to nourish your body, mind and spirit.
  • I write a monthly newsletter that is chocked full of information on Reiki, natural healing, Planet Earth, medicinal plants, and articles on living a whole life, just to name a few!  You can sign up for the newsletter HERE.

I would be honored to guide your healing on the journey to wholeness.

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