I have been blogging about living a whole life and my own personal trials and tribulations since 2015.  Over the past several years I have experienced exponential personal growth due to my connection to an amazing life coach, and I wanted to do more than keep a personal journal.  I began my blog as a way to express myself about what I was going through in hopes of helping others.  I have expanded it to include information on improving well-being, connecting with nature, and living a positive, optimistic life.

My interest in the individual started with the body as a group fitness instructor, expanded into yoga, and most recently I was tending to the mind and spirit of others through Reiki and creating wellness products.  However I have recently experienced a profound sense of focus and call for change.

It started last fall, when I enrolled in school for Landscape Design.  A connection to Mother Earth has always been strong for me, and when I had to pinpoint when I was happiest, it was when I was tending to the plants in my home and yard.  Fast forward to February 2018 and I made the monumental decision to follow my passion full time and quit my job in financial services–an industry I had been a part of for over 25 years.

Focus and change were still tugging at me, and I realized I needed to review my own business, Waterstone Wellness.  I was a blogger, Advanced Reiki Practitioner and product seller.  My intuition was telling me to go back to my roots (a pun from the Universe?) and just blog.  I retired as a Reiki practitioner, and reverted back to making wellness products as a hobby.  It feels so right.

We are constantly evolving as human beings.  I feel like for the past few years I was living in a chrysalis, and am now emerging as a butterfly.  I am excited to explore the new, mysterious world that lays ahead of me, and I invite you to share the journey with me.  My intention in sharing is that it will spark your own personal evolution.  Are you ready to be a butterfly?