Julie’s Journey

I began my journey to wholeness around five years ago, when I was offered the opportunity to work with a life coach through my employer.  At the time I managed a small group of staff, and the goal of the sessions was to increase my capabilities as a manager, but it turned into something so much more.  Not only did I excel at work and become one of the leaders of the organization, I evolved as a person.

My initial year with my life coach brought about life altering awareness.  I discovered so much about myself and created intentions that guide me through life.   Through coaching I was introduced to different spiritual modalities, which led to reading books and going to workshops about yoga, Shamanism, Healing Touch and Reiki.  I was encouraged to express myself creatively so I delved into ventures such as writing poetry, painting, and in 2015 I started my blog.

My blog began as a way to detail my spiritual journey, sort of like an online journal.  It evolved into a way to share my experiences AND providing useful information that contributes to the well-being of the individual.  Topics such as happiness, empathy, compassion, gratitude, resilience, stress reduction, and community resonated with readers who were suffering.  I am immensely grateful when someone comments on my blog, or tells me how much they enjoy it.

After a few years of coaching in regards to my professional life, we shifted the focus to personal coaching.  I continued to learn and heal, and slowly my view expanded to the world around me.  I found myself becoming more aware of the effects our consumption has on the planet, sustainability, and the web of life.  I believe all human and non-human beings are connected, and human action (or inaction) impacts all on this planet.

After my fifth year of coaching, I decided that it was time to pay it forward.  I knew my blog was helping people, but I wanted to do more.  I wanted to have a more hands on approach to people’s well-being (pun intended).  I am now an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, bringing my time and talents one on one with individuals and I love it!  I realize how much I enjoy interacting with people and guiding them on their journey to wholeness.  It feels like all my learning has led to my life’s purpose—Waterstone Wellness.

My curiosity and love of learning is still alive and kicking, and I will put it to good use bringing additional offerings to Waterstone Wellness in the future.

Waterstone Wellness is devoted to the well-being of the individual.  Our philosophy holds that healed and whole individuals  can turn their focus outward to make contributions to their communities.  A community of thriving individuals can create positive change through caring co-leadership and creative collaboration, maintaining civility and respect.  The impact of those changes will be felt now and continue to positively impact future generations.