Are you ready to get relief from your suffering and feel peaceful and restored?

Or perhaps you need time for self-care and want to spend time in a serene, inviting environment that promotes relaxation and allows your mind to settle.

The Reiki Healing Session

Our time together starts with sitting down for a chat.  We discuss what brings you in for a session and what’s currently happening in your life.  Sometimes just discussing the cause of your suffering can put you at ease and  start the healing process.  I will explain the Reiki process and answer any questions you may have.  Please keep in mind that privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.  

I will then lead you to a separate treatment room that I beautifully designed to induce tranquility through candles, yummy smells, and soothing music.  A Reiki session is performed on a treatment table and you, the client, are always fully clothed.  Blankets and additional pillows are available to ensure your comfort.

After the healing session, we reconvene and I allow time for you to reconnect to the present.  I will provide a preliminary summary of my findings during the session, and discuss what it means to you and answer any questions.

Within a day or two, I will email you a detailed “Reiki Recap” with my observations and detailed recommendations.  The recommendations are easy to follow and invite you to participate in your healing.   I am always available to answer questions or provide additional sessions if needed.

For a more detailed account of my Reiki sessions, check out Reiki FAQs.

Distance/Remote Reiki sessions are quite similar to In-Person sessions.  Check out Reiki FAQs for detailed information about Distance/Remote sessions.

I am honored to work with people regardless of their age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, body type, political affiliation, and state of health.

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